Portrait 2

Keith Hall [aka ink.stained.brush]

I'm a California native currently residing in Orange County, CA.

In my earliest memories I was copying Ninja Turtles, Transformers, and superheroes out of my comics and cartoons, and running around playing Star Wars with friends in the back yard. I've been hooked on creating pop culture art and developing my own characters and worlds ever since.

Now, in my professional life, I've had the opportunity to wear several hats as a creative - freelancing, as a contractor, and as a full-time employee. I've worked for a variety of clients and employers. I have built worlds, established branding, and produced artwork for such companies as:

Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Blizzard Entertainment, Verizon, CIE Games, Knott's Scary Farm, First Team

Real Estate, Online Trading Academy, and more.