Gobtropolis was created out of some pieces I created during the he 2017 Inktober challenge. After seeing the drawing I did for the first day of the challenge - a little goblin peering out of a pumpkin patch - my wife suggested I go with that theme for the entire month - Goblins. As I went down the rabbit hole, drawing goblins in various activities each day, I realized I wasn't just drawing random creatures, I was building a world of goblins of all shapes and sizes. Soon "Gobtropolis" was born.

The cast of characters in Gobtropolis made their debut at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, in the form of a 

32-page book "Welcome to Gobtropolis" - an introduction to various characters who populate the vast goblin city and its surrounding world. The convention went better than I thought: I was invited on a couple podcasts to promote the concept, as well as nearly selling out of the initial print run of the books, as well as prints and sketches. If you're interested in picking up one of the handful of books left, hit me up on the contact page.

Gobtropolis Cover.png
The SlobGoblin
KnobGoblin Grey.png